It’s been a very long time since I last published a blog post. Been very busy building my business and been doing a good job of it… Writing a blog post feels like it both tickles my mind and exercises my brain cells & a chore… So I hope, if I can get off my […]


It’s pretty crazy to look at the Top Charts these days… one day Flappy Bird races to #1 out of nowhere (followed by Dong’s two other Games, Super Ball Juggling and Shuriken Block)… then we had the “Attack of the Clones” which started even before Dong pulled Flappy Bird from the App Store…  Video 1: […]


Do A Business You Don’t Hate (& Other Lessons From A 2 Year Old Entrepreneur)

February 11, 2014
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Most of you know that in a previous life I was a medical doctor. It’s always pretty vague when I try and think back, but if I remember correctly the date I hung up my stethoscope and left the prestigious hospital doors was in June or July 2011.  So, if my maths is about right, […]

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How To Monitor And Optimize Your iOS App Ad Revenue

January 12, 2014

Personally one of the ongoing struggles of the app business is maximizing revenues from the various ad networks.  First off I’ll just say that there is no one perfect solution and a big part of this is opacity on the part of the ad networks. The question is, how do we decide which network is […]

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App Store Optimization 201: Keyword Volume & Competition

December 1, 2013

In this article I’d like to address a few misconceptions and share from my experience dealing with App store Optimization. The basic formula everyone already knows – target high volume, low competition keywords.  So this sentence means different things to different people.  What this does NOT mean is to randomly chuck in single word keywords […]

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iPhone App Localization: How To Get 767% More Downloads By Localizing App Keywords

May 8, 2013

I’ve been obsessed by the field of App Store Optimization, as many of you know and recently I’ve been exploring the concept of app localization (and in particular keyword localization).  The opportunity of “free”, ongoing traffic is too attractive to ignore and that’s why I’ve been working constantly to improve my knowledge in the field… […]

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How To Choose Keywords For Apple App Store SEO

January 16, 2013

Learn The Exact Methods I Use To Get Apps To Rank & Get More Downloads Ever since I’ve started out in the app business I’ve become obsessed by App Store Optimization (ASO or otherwise known as App Store SEO).  I have quite a bit of experience in the world of search engine optimization and I […]

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My App Store SEO Experience

December 11, 2012

Many people often ask me why I publish a magazine about app development and marketing.  After all, by training, I’m a medical doctor so the world of apps is as far removed from my training as… well I couldn’t think of a good metaphor.  Obviously I’m passionate about the subject, it’s an industry that is […]

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Analysis: Tinyco’s Tiny Partner Program

November 14, 2012

Is The Tiny Partners Program Worth It For Indie Developers? Recently an interesting piece of information hit the news:  TinyCo, one of the major mobile game development companies, released a new partner program whereby developers who refer them customers could share over 50% of the revenue generated over the lifetime of the customer.  This “new” […]

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Issue 3: Crowd Funding Your Apps, Ben Bressington & More!

October 27, 2012

Issue 3 of MAKE APP mag is out now, you can check it out on your iPad. So what’s in this issue? Crowd Funding For Apps:  This is a great, potentially easy way to raise funds for your apps.  We interview Sarah Cornwell of and Pascal De Keyser of to understand how the system works […]

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