How To Do An iPad Screen Recording (For Free)

When preparing an app it’s pretty damned critical to have some sort of visual demo.  Video demos of apps are a great way to both explain to users the benefits of using the app as well as to garner publicity.  There are many services that offer “explainer video” services, however these can often end up costing an arm and a leg.  Typical costs can range into the thousands of dollars for a 1-2 minute video.

There are a couple of lower cost services for the cash-strapped app startups.  One potential service is Apptamin (, which offers simple video production services geared to app designers for around $700 (cost may vary).  The team come from an app development background themselves, so they know what they’re doing.  The videos they produce are fairly simplistic, but they do the job nicely.

Another low-cost option is to learn how to prepare demo videos yourself (if you have the time).  I actually purchased a course to learn how to create demo videos, but I’ve yet to finish it.  The course itself is jam packed with information and is really in-depth.  It’s also run by the great team at Grumo Media, who really produce awesome quality demo / explainer videos (see example below).

(This is a video that Ashton Kutcher actually tweeted his love for…)

The course costs around $297 through (affiliate link – if you purchase through this link I -get a commission).  Once you’ve been through this course you could even open a video design studio if you were so inclined.  The course runs through script writing, storyboarding, voiceover, illustration, animation, sound design, editing, delivering and even promoting the video!  I intend to get around to finishing the course when I have the time, it’s an awesome skill to have and can really help bootstrap your app promotion efforts.

However, the focus of this post is to teach you how to make a simple screen recording, which is really the most simplistic (and cheapest) way possible to get the idea across about your app. And it’s really easy (not to mention FREE).

iPad Screen Recording Step-By-Step

  1. Download the Reflection App (
    1. The Reflection App can be downloaded free.
    2. It works on both PC and Mac.
    3. The free version has a time limit per recording (10 minutes).
  2. Launch the Reflection App (after setup)
    1. Click on “Try” in order to use the trial version, no need to register.
    2. Note:  Nothing will happen immediately until you activate the Airplay function on your iPad device (Ssee below).
  3. Prepare you iPad for broadcast.
    1. Double click on the button.
    2. Scroll left & you should see the Airplay button (click on this)
    3. Select the device you want to broadcast to and then select “Mirroring – On”.
  4. That’s it!
    1. Now you should see a replica of your iPad on your PC.
    2. Use your favourite screen recording software (Camtasia for PC or Screenflow for Mac, for example) to record the mirrored version of the iPad on your computer screen.
airplay button on ipad

Let me know in the comments / questions below if you need any more help with recording the screen from your iPad.