Ideas for future experiments

I really believe in doing things that stretch myself and to constantly be learning.

My relatively recent experiment was my 30 Blog Post Challenge which was a lot of fun.  Since I finished the challenge, I basically stopped blogging… which is a bit disappointing. So I need to get back into it!  I really felt MUCH more productive when blogging and sharing my thoughts, so I think its really important for me to continue.

(Also, the more I write the easier it gets. If I leave it, it becomes MUCH harder to get started again).

And more than that, I want to keep doing these little mini-experiments.

So here is a random brain dump of things I can try out to keep life interesting (some of these are a bit of personal “code”).

30 Blog Posts in A Month Challenge.

30 Day Cold Shower Challenge.

Start new blog and write 10 posts on it.

Build the blog post promotion system.

Create course on Facebook App Install Ads.

Business-As-Investment Setup #1.

30 Pull ups a day.

Start Podcast.

One Web App A Month Challenge.



Any cool things you are working on or other ideas???


Blake Leeper – What a F#$%ing Legend: Bending Your Reality

First, I suggest you watch this interview:

I hadn’t heard of Blake Leeper before, but to give you a really quick summary.

Blake was born without both his legs.  The story could have ended up with him being confined to a wheel chair all his life, but that’s not what happened…

He has set his mind to being the fastest man alive.

Wait?! A man without legs being the fastest man alive?


Blake hasn’t let his “disability” disable him.

He has a clear goal and he is taking action to achieve it.

Do people scoff at him and laugh and tell him to set his sights on more realistic goals? Certainly.

But he doesn’t let that stop him, because his goal is clear in his mind. He has absolute certainty.

If you every think that you are encountering adversity or if people try and cut you down and laugh at your goals, you have a choice.

Listen to them and leave your dreams by the wayside and live a mediocre life.

Or live in your own certainty and achieve the seemingly impossible.