Don’t Automate

Automation is great. Automate. Scale. 10x. Grow. Scale. Automate.

Does anyone hear a buzz? Buzz word anybody?


Automation IS great. But there is a time and a place for it.


Sometimes people jump in to automate things too quickly.


Automation takes time.

Automation presumes a known and defined process.


If you automate too soon, then you are likely to waste your time. You are likely to defer and procrastinate until your automation is “just perfect.”   And then when you discover the flows in your beautifully automated but botched machine, you might be that much less likely to respond positively to change.  You don’t want to touch your beautifully automated machine, only you haven’t realized that your machine actually isn’t producing what you wanted.

Automation can end up harming you.


So let’s go manual.  At least when you start out.  Work on the process. Play with it. Refine it. Optimize it. All manually.  Yes someone has to do the work.


Only then, after the process runs beautifully manually, then you can consider automating.  But maybe you don’t need to… What is the cost of automating?  First you should see if there are any gaps in the process? Any kinks? Would automating solve that?


So automating is a beautiful word. It’s very sexy.  But don’t use it blindly.


Author: David Janner

David Janner is a former M.D. and the Editor-in-Chief of MAKE APP Magazine. His passion is app development and app marketing. You should follow him on Twitter and Facebook and Google+ in order to get the most important industry related news, hot off the press. If you would like to arrange a 15 minute app marketing session to discuss your App Store Optimization strategy, contact him here.

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