Ideas for future experiments

I really believe in doing things that stretch myself and to constantly be learning.

My relatively recent experiment was my 30 Blog Post Challenge which was a lot of fun.  Since I finished the challenge, I basically stopped blogging… which is a bit disappointing. So I need to get back into it!  I really felt MUCH more productive when blogging and sharing my thoughts, so I think its really important for me to continue.

(Also, the more I write the easier it gets. If I leave it, it becomes MUCH harder to get started again).

And more than that, I want to keep doing these little mini-experiments.

So here is a random brain dump of things I can try out to keep life interesting (some of these are a bit of personal “code”).

30 Blog Posts in A Month Challenge.

30 Day Cold Shower Challenge.

Start new blog and write 10 posts on it.

Build the blog post promotion system.

Create course on Facebook App Install Ads.

Business-As-Investment Setup #1.

30 Pull ups a day.

Start Podcast.

One Web App A Month Challenge.



Any cool things you are working on or other ideas???


Author: David Janner

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